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Junko Enoshima from Dangan Ronpa

Project type

Anime and Manga



About This Costume

This costume was fairly simple and fun to make. The first version didn't cost very much to construct because I already had the fabrics for the shirt, bow, and tie and the supplies for the necklace. Most of the budget was spent on the wig (OMG I LOVE IT) and the rest on supplies to make the Momobear hair clips. Graphic pins were commissioned from The Tofustache. The original pair of boots that I used are the same ones as my Sailor Saturn and the plaid skirt is from my Mari costume. I originally didn't want to use the Mari skirt for Junko but I couldn't find a skirt or a plaid fabric that I liked in time for the convention.

In the second/newer version of Junko, I found a cuter and shorter plaid skirt with beautiful knife pleats and built in black shorts that was purchased at a local retailer. After months and months of searching, I was also about to find a pair of far more accurate mid-calf ankle boots with platforms (for added height).

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